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Her mother Charis posted an Instagram message earlier this year in honour of her "beautiful, resilient girl". You want to do it for them."I knew she was going to be back to 100 per cent, but when you're watching them barely able to walk out of chemo, you think: Why can't I do more?At 50, Charis, who was laid low a dozen years ago with kidney disease, has returned to school to study interior architecture. "Myles says his wife is now less materialistic than before."When she replied to the text, I was shocked."She had long blonde hair and her eyes stood out like - you won't be able to write 'like tits on a bull', but they just stood out, mate. I really feel and know how much he loves me, especially now we have such a strong, unbreakable bond.We've been through so much for such a young couple."Myles concurs, saying his wife "gave me another set of eyes outside of the world I was in.'"That's one thing I'm really grateful for, from being not well: I really understand time.I know that what is meant to be for me will be, if I keep working hard.

She dreams of an Oscars' red carpet, of meeting her childhood idol Kate Winslet and contemporaries Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander.It doesn't feel like a coincidence to me, that both of us weren't well."Did cancer send her inside herself?"I hit a point where I didn't know what I was doing, why I was here, what was happening, where my life was going."I thought I knew. I tried to spiritually find why."At one point during her six months of chemotherapy, James had a panic attack and wanted to die."I got through it because I had to get through it," she says, the composure in her face momentarily dropping."What was the other option? I think I had to hit that low point, to be in so much pain and so upset and so traumatised, to then have that sense of empowerment again: I can get through this."Her resilience comes from both her parents, says Tessa.Her energy has never dissipated."My husband says it now: the only time that I look peaceful is when I'm asleep. I think I get that from my dad."Myles concurs: "I don't even think she relaxes when she sleeps, mate.She's a bull at a gate."The worst thing for Tess is to not have something to do.

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