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Talk to a Friend or Family Member Talking to others can be an important step.

They usually meet weekly and are at different times and days.

You can call your local domestic violence hotline for information on support groups near you. Many abuse victims wish to help their abusers, especially after the abuser has promised to get counseling.

Sometimes people around you may already have a sense of what's happening and be ready to help.

Often two heads are better than one, and another person may be able to point out an option or resource you haven't thought of or didn't know about.

However, many women have reported that developing outside interests was important in feeling better about themselves, seeing things that were happening more clearly, and having a wider support system.

Examples might include taking an adult education class through your school system, joining the local YWCA or a health club, volunteering somewhere, becoming involved at your church, or even going back to school or getting a job if you are not working.

The lessons include identifying the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, skills training for evaluating relationships, strategies for reducing peer pressure, obtaining social support, setting personal limits, and respecting others’ limits.“‘It’s Your Game’ is already being widely disseminated for teen pregnancy prevention, so it’s another bonus that the program reduces dating violence as well,” said Peskin.

Develop Other Involvements Developing other interests or involvements is not always possible or safe to do if you're being abused.

This can be very threatening to your abuser because it lessens his/her control over you.

Many victims have reported that when abuse was present in the relationship, their abuser got angry and violent a couples counseling session when something was said or discussed that the abuser did not like.

The counselor will not be there to protect you at this point.

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