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Whether you fancy French Haute cuisine, Asian fusion, Italian, Indian or Japanese fare, you will find it here, in an island setting cooled by the trade winds and lit by fabulous sunsets.

Growing up, men believe that women are sacred prizes to firstly win, marry, bed, and then—as sexual freedom is not encouraged and many men and women from more conservative families will sleep with no one before they get married—cheat on.

Great food is possibly the perfect garnish for any vacation and the Turks and Caicos Islands have an amazing variety of restaurants, with an astonishing selection of world cuisines.

Our tiny archipelago boasts hundreds of eateries, from ultra chic formal dining establishments to ‘walk in from the beach’ bistros, and everything in between.

When I would be cooking, he would come and stand next to me and just stare. Universities too have mostly same-sex housing for students, and women can only sit next to another man on intercity buses or trains if he is her partner.

Men see women as possessions and as many women grow up being treated like princesses, they develop unrealistic expectations of men.

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