Updating resolv conf

By manually changing to my ISPs DNS server everything works perfectly.I could make read-only, or I could dig around in dhclient-script and remove the relevant sections of code, what I'm really after here is the recommended way of doing it. (DNSKEY keytag: 19036 alg: 8 flags: 257) ;; Chase successful // // Refer to the named.conf(5) and named(8) man pages, and the documentation // in /usr/share/doc/bind9 for more details. IN A ; Machine Names localhost IN A ns1 IN A ns2 IN A mx IN A mail IN A ; Aliases www IN CNAME $TTL 3600 1.168.192. A zone is signed using cryptographic keys which must be generated. The preferred method however is to have a strong well-protected Key Signing Key ( part of the file name is a five digit key ID. This is especially important when having more than one key in a zone. It is possible to make a script and a cron job to do this. Be sure to keep private keys confidential, as with all cryptographic keys. ( 2006051501 ; Serial 10800 ; Refresh 3600 ; Retry 604800 ; Expire 300 ) ; Negative Response TTL IN NS ns1. This value indicates that this is a Secure Entry Point ( signed zone a little more work is required. By default, the signatures are only valid 30 days, meaning that the zone needs to be resigned in about 15 days to be sure that resolvers are not caching records with stale signatures.Thanks, You did what you needed to, the /etc/file should stay the same unless something requires it to change.

I had the same issue with slackware, and the reason dhclient doesnt modify the is because dhcpcd is set up by default to deal with it, not dhclient.

It would be a pain to add them to each school AP in the wicd configuration!

Thanks Check the contents of the file /etc/conf.d/dhcpcd There are some settings in there that can affect how is treated(there is an -R option which supposedly preserves the file,but this may not be related to wicd)You can also try the testing version of wicd, which has a global dns servers optionin which case you can find the ISP's dns server's and use those, in whichcase they will be the same for home and school ...works for me ...

I did was i replaced "dhclient" with "dhcpcd" in the run and kill commands and replaced dhclient's command "ip route flush dev" with dhcpcd's "route del dev" for the wired and wireless setup.wicd package for slackware just untars to /opt/wicd; my guess is the Arch package is the same. archassistant needs sudo to run properly - but I can live with itedit: oops, last edit I deleted the previous one... anyway, I'm satisfied with netcfg and archassistant Hi all, I was looking around for a solution to this problem and found some useful stuff here I use a distro which not many will approve of here which is kubuntu But i did solve the problem (on my system)Its just that the /etc/should be a symlink to /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.confso its just that /etc/is trying to take control which it was able to do when networkmanager was present but not anymore Hope it helps I dunno much about arch....

just replace with the new one in /opt/wicd, and just to be safe i deleted the bytecode file of it, networking.pyc, but that is optional. It works properly without editing *any* configuration files (except of adding netcfg to and starting archassistant on boot of course).

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