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Whether it was the ax murders of Lizzie Borden's parents inspiring a morbid nursery rhyme or Jack the Ripper stalking prostitutes on the streets of White Chapel, some form of media has always been there to put a salacious spin on the scariest tales of the day.And while crime is often just so much more fodder for the 11 o'clock news mill, certain crimes have had lasting impact, whether by inspiring ever more copious means of absorbing information, prompting policy that we may take for granted today or, in some cases, by altering our perspectives, affecting the way we view the world altogether.

While the doings of daily life tend to be on the dull side and always have been, the media in general have ripe for the picking.

And it can seem like an even bigger part of life because we tend to be a society that demands all the details, anytime something tragic or shocking happens, no matter how—or perhaps because of how—far removed the situation may be from our personal experience of the world.

Not only is it endlessly fascinating to probe the human condition, trying to figure out not just how, but something happened, but perhaps in some ways learning all there is to know about a crime makes us feel like we're building a fortress of information that will help prevent anything of that sort from happening to .

He calmly stayed at the scene and, when the cops arrived, he was reading from a copy of .

Culturally, it's too painful to think about what the musical landscape would look like had Lennon, who was only 40 when he was killed, been alive all this time.

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