Ways to be intimidating updating manufactured home

Who doesn’t want to be more brazenly cool and appear really put together?If you want to borrow some easy life hacks, take it from this shy weirdo who somehow gets called intimidating on the regular (I personally blame my leather jacket and height): these are nine ways you can be more intimidating right now.Follow your own trends instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing.Hone your own unique sense of style by wearing whatever feels good and makes you feel more confident.Keep your head level and straight on top of your spine, shoulders back.Source: i Stock Really notice how your body is most of the time.In general, when a man is thought of as intimidating, people believe he’s doing something right – he’s in control in a good way.When a woman is thought of that way, it often accompanies words like “bitch” and “annoying.” You know what? Be confident instead of self-conscious, and throw people off with that confidence instead of keeping to yourself.

I know this can be awkward because the other person can also get weirded out, but you know what? Source: i Stock Okay, even the most intimidating women falter and don't feel so good. Here's a quick hack to get you by on some quick-and-dirty bravado that will make everyone think you have some sort of mystery about you: think of a secret no one else knows (for whatever situation you're in).Does anyone really know what you think, or do you keep it to yourself?Being halfway there or ambivalent when it comes to too many things doesn't really inspire a ton of confidence in you or let others think you have a larger personality.Are you constantly curling yourself into a ball by slouching or folding your body over? Take a note from the dudes who take up two seats on public transportation for no reason and let your body occupy space.Obviously it does because that's how bodies work, but actually let yourself be expansive and not have to say sorry for getting the seat you want.

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