What is the movie speed dating about against mandating residential fire sprinkler

In no time, week one of the speed-dating scam arrives and the three friends admire the dozens of women with drooling smiles – and converse about their prior scams to sleep with women.

Dog makes quick progress by talking nasty to one girl and gets a kiss.

His sexuality is tested in two scenes: the gay club and the house party.

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centers around three friends – Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) – who concoct a speed-dating event to meet as many women as possible.

Her lines are funny and flow naturally and her character does an amazing job.

The real comedy continues when Beaver meets an attractive Latina named Geraldine (Natalia Guslistaya) who speaks violently blunt regarding what she wants in a man and how she will manhandle him if he decides to cheat on her.

In truth, this speed-dating event is more of a ploy, because its main objective is to sweet talk each woman and get her into bed for sex.

The premise sounds interesting; unfortunately, hits many speed bumps throughout with overacting, weak storyline, boredom, and dry comedy, leading to the inevitable – a crash.

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