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In 2017 Julie gets a phone call from her grandson Scotty Banning II with the news that David has been killed in a motorcycle accident.

was an American actor, director, producer, and frequent game-show panelist.

David grew tired of running, and turned himself in, but by that time Alex had cleared David of shooting him.

However later when Renee was attacked by the strangler David was accused of attacking her and being the strangler, but when Renee awoke from her coma she cleared David.

Spencer Olsen Sandy Horton Melissa Horton Sarah Horton Mike Horton Jennifer Horton Lucas Horton Jessica Blake Jeremy Horton Nathan Horton Abigail Deveraux J. Deveraux Will Horton † Allie Horton Nick Fallon † Arianna Horton Shawn Douglas Brady Zack Brady † Ciara Brady Claire Brady Sid Grayson † (biological maternal great-great-grandfather)Abigail Grayson † (biological maternal great-great-grandmother)Tommy Horton (biological maternal great-uncle)Mickey Horton † (biological maternal great-uncle)Bill Horton (biological maternal great-uncle)Marie Horton (biological maternal great-aunt) David Banning is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed most recently by Gregg Marx from 1981-83.

David was the biological son of Julie Olson and David Martin, but was raised by Scott Banning.

David had little love for his mother Julie, and as soon as he could he left Salem.

That Christmas David brought Valerie to Salem to meet his friends and family.

In 1976 David and Valerie became engaged, but David began to have doubts about being committed to one woman, and had a one-night stand with Trish Clayton.

In 1977 Valerie and David broke off their engagement, and David began to see Trish Clayton. In 1978 Stephanie Woodruff began dating David, but when his wife Trish returned from the East coast the two reconciled and moved back in together.

While returning from a visit with Trish and Scotty David was shot.

He made his way to the Twilight bar and met up with Nick Corelli.

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