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The melding of such diverse cultures and religions coupled with an abundance of different architectural styles prompted UNESCO to declare Évora's old town a World Heritage Site.

Conveniently, this precious hoard of monuments and museums is clustered together within the city walls, and can be easily explored on foot.

Believed to have been erected in the 2nd or 3rd century AD, the 14 surviving columns topped by Corinthian capitals stand solid over a granite base; the architrave, itself an impressive piece of masonry.

The ancient structure has worn well, and you can't help feeling a sense of awe as you pause under its mighty façade.

The palace is still a private residence, but the owners have selected a number of rooms in which to showcase valuable family heirlooms, a fascinating collection that includes valuable 15th-century illuminated manuscripts, clunky 16th-century suits of armor, and assorted antique weaponry, as well as painting and sculpture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

There's a spooky surprise in the shape of the palace's pentagonal (tile) panels, which depict scenes from the life of São Lourenço.

Similarly, Évora's lively market town atmosphere is best appreciated by following the narrow cobblestone lanes that snake away from the brooding cathedral to pass gurgling fountains and flower-flecked squares.

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For instance, the art gallery features an extraordinary 16th-century Flemish polyptych, a fantastically detailed painting of 13 panels executed in vivid Technicolor, and this kind of brushwork requires serious study.Restaurants, meanwhile, serve some of the tastiest gastronomy in the land.Don't be put off by Évora cathedral's rather austere complexion.The rather nondescript church of Saint Francis just happens to feature the most macabre tourist attraction in Portugal, the grisly Capela dos Ossos.Visitors of a sensitive disposition beware: the Bone Chapel is lined with the remains of 5,000 monks, disinterred from local cemeteries ostensibly to make room for lesser mortals.

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