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After a back and forth debate, Armytage confronted Ms Le Cerf about her comments on uneducated Australians. Ms Le Cerf began to speak when she was cut off by Armytage, who asked her point blank if she stood by her comment.'Yes, I do,' Ms Le Cerf said. ' a frustrated Armytage pressed.'I work every day for our community,' Ms Le Cerf answered, ending the tense interview.

'Aren't you elected to make a decision on behalf of the people of your shire?

Ms Le Cerf denied on the claim, but did not elaborate.

The Australia Day awards will be renamed the Darebin Community Awards and an Indigenous-themed event will be held instead of an annual citizenship ceremony on the day.

He later was hired by JPMorgan's Health Investment Banking practice and continued working in the sphere of finance for six years.

In 2006, Sabir moved to Cambergide, Massachusrts, to enter Harvard-MIt Biomedical Enterprise Program, earning an MBA from MIT Sloan and a Master of Scienece degree from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

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