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White Rhino, Lion, Giraffe and Elephant can often be seen along this road on our safaris.There is a prominent rubbing post which was an old tree stump which over the years became worn down by Warthogs, Blue Wildebeest, and White Rhino scratching themselves or rubbing as an effort to remove ticks and other body parasites.× A link into the plateau of Pilanesberg from the southern gates characterised "Koppies" (Afrikaans word meaning small head and referring to a rocky outcrop) and, ravines and open valleys.Interesting sightings on safaris are often had here with Lion, Elephant and Black Rhino fairly often.

× A short loop which takes one close to Mankwe Dam on a safari in Pilanesberg.

× The main road to the centre of the park and Pilanesberg Centre from Bakgatla, 'Kgabo' means Vervet Monkey and Rathlogo Waterhole is often worth a visit where your patience may be rewarded with sightings of Rhino, Kudu and Bushbuck.

White Rhino, Tssessebe and Giraffe are regularly seen on this road during a guided Pilanesberg safari.

To this day it is still a place of sorrow and one can even see the tears flowing down the face of the cliff on a Pilanesberg tour.

× The interesting rocks and the geology of this Park can be wonderfully seen whilst driving through these mountains and gives a greater understanding to how this Alkali Ring Complex came to be.

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