Xna particle system not updating position

These engines are a double edged sword and should be handled with care.What I mean is that while it frees us from the low level tasks it may be tempting for beginners to completely ignore this, therefore ignoring how video games work and never really learning.As with previous articles it is not the objective of this article to give a tutorial on Shuriken, I will also assume an understanding of the Unity Engine.The goal of this article is to demonstrate that the basic concept that I explained in 2D using XNA is directly applicable to other frameworks and engines (for example Unity).In the previous posts I discussed the basics of particles systems and I provided an example of how to build a simple 2D star field using XNA.In this article, I will discuss how to apply these concepts to Shuriken, the particle system that is part of the Unity Engine.This time, instead of only creating a particle system, I have used three particle systems together to create the desired effect: the star field background, some fast stars, and a nebula effect.

In the image above you can see that I have Shuriken docked to the lower left corner and I have three particle systems that I have created open.

The difference now, is that we do not need to write any code (we can if we wish to) as all the design of the system can be done through the visual editor.

We just need to tell Shuriken the emmitter and particle characteristics and the engine will take care of updating and rendering them.

I will recreate the star field particle system using Shuriken and try to improve it a bit (this time will be in 3D and I will add some more effects.

The idea is to obtain something like the video above (best seen in full screen and HD).

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